The name Akihabara is now world-famous. More than 250 electrical appliances and electronics shops of all sizes are located in a small area around Chuo-dori Avenue, in the west of Akihabara Station. In recent years, the main trend has shifted from general home electrical appliances toward the new world of the internet. An increasing number of large shops are centered on PCs, where an experienced staff answers all sorts of questions. Many of them speak English, Chinese and Korean.

This town began specializing in electrical equipment in the latter half of the 1940s, when people's primary source of information was radio. In the beginning, many shops dealing in radio parts gathered under the elevated railroad of JR. Later, these shops began dealing with home electrical appliances, thus developing into the world's biggest electrical equipment town. With many service centers and the showrooms of major manufacturers, as well as duty-free shops and various events, the town is attractive in the eyes of visitors. Among these events, the Denki-matsuri Festival, held in summer and winter, is the biggest, a great chance for good shopping that you should never miss. Take the time to fully explore the wonderland. 以位於秋葉原站西側的中央道爲中心,有大小不一的共250家以上的電器商品專賣店,成爲聞名的電器街,“AKIHABALA”(秋葉原的日語讀音)已經成了世界通用語。這幾年電器街從銷售家用電器爲主的街道正在向由因特網創造出的新世界轉變。 以銷售電腦爲中心的大型店鋪有所增加,各個店鋪的店員擁有豐富的專業知識,能對客戶作出詳細的解答。而且能用英語、中文、韓國語來接待顧客的店鋪也不少。 這條街從1940年代的後半期開始變成專賣電器的街市。當時市民資訊大都來源於收音機。銷售收音機零件的店鋪集中在JR的高架下,成了此街發展的開端。後來,這些店鋪也開始銷售家用電器,漸漸地發展成了世界最大的電器街。 在這裏除了有各個製造廠商的服務機構和商品展示廳之外,免稅店和各種促銷活動也很充實,走走看看也非常有趣。每年夏天和冬天舉辦的兩次電器節是這裏最大的節日,不要錯過了購物的絕好機會。在這裏可以多花一點時間逛逛看看。

How to get there? JR山手線 秋葉原 站

Yamanote line Akihabara station